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LED Desk Lamp with Clamp , 3 Color Modes X 10 Brightness Levels - Memory Function - 12W - Black

LED Desk Lamp with Clamp , 3 Color Modes X 10 Brightness Levels - Memory Function - 12W - Black

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  • 💡 Variable Brightness 💡 Whenever you need lighting, turn on the LED Desk Lamp and adjust it to the light level and mode you need (3 light modes x 10 brightness levels).
  • 💡 Multi-angle Adjustment 💡 When mounting LED Desk Light on one side of the table, the swing arm and head section can be adjusted to achieve various lighting angles. For a table that is approximately 2 meters long, it covers perfectly.
  • 💡 Save Space 💡 LED Desk Lights for Home Office can be put away at any time when not in use. There's no need to worry about Clamp Light taking up space, and its appearance brings more integration and simplicity to your desk. The next time you turn on Office Lamp, simply pull it to the angle you want to continue working.
  • 💡 Relieve Fatigue 💡 You will find that with SKELEO Clip on Lamp, you will be more comfortable and the light gives your eyes a longer adaptive use (3200K-6500K, warm light, natural light, daylight).
  • 💡 Energy Saving 💡 SKYLEO Clamp Lamp is easy to use by simply plugging into a 5V/2A USB port(The product does not include an adapter). Adjusting the brightness, the whole light has a power of 12W and the LED has an official life expectancy of 50,000 hours.


Product Description


The soft and uniform light of the LED will not flicker and will not harm your eyes.

Strong Metal Clamp

Extra-wide metal clamp, durable and scratch-free. Clamps a surface up to 2"(5cm).

USB Power Supply

Multiple ways to power USB to make desk lamp work effortlessly.


SKYLEO desk lamp makes colors remain to truly, bring you the most joyful lighting.

Multi-Angle Adjustment and Easy To Use

  • Flexible Rotation and Multi-Angle 360° Rotating Lamp
  • 360° Rotating Clamp
  • 180° Adjustable Metal Long Arm

The installation is also very simple. First, fix the clamp on the desktop, then insert the lamp, tighten the screws on the clamp, and fix the angle of the lamp.

Space Saving

LED desk lights can be stored at any time when not in use, without worrying about occupying space on your desk. And its appearance brings more integration and simplicity to your desk. The next time you turn on the clip light, just pull it to the angle where you want to continue working.

Some people's feelings about using SKYLEO LED Desk Lamp

  1. Perfect addition to your work space


    I was surprised by how good it looks and the difference it made to my work space. I have already noticed my eyes feeling less strained whilst working.It is more than bright enough, space saving and looks modern. It has 3 light effects...warm, cold and a mix between the two.It is flexible enough to get the perfect positioning, height etc and can be rotated. It is extremely light too so clamping it to the side of your desk will not damage it. Extremely easy to assemble, took me roughly 5 mins.


Better then a lightbar and easy to install and use


I mostly use it in white light mode to prevent eye fatigue during my gaming sessions. Less eye fatigue so far so I guess it's working. It's got 3 lightning modes and it's easy to switch between. 10 different brightness levels… it gets really bright. It comes in 2 parts (swing arm with light and the clamp) I'm currently powering it from my monitor so it seems it's getting enough.

  • Feels like daylight, good for artists


    This lamp is bright enough to make your workplace bright as daylight. I paint my artwork under its light and it works really well. I would recommend if you are an painter because one of the settings doesn't change the paint colours, so you can still painting through the evening. You can also use the lamp for other purposes like photography or making videos.



Light brightness and color adjustable


Easy to install USB powered Stable and sturdy Adjustable in all directions Suitable for big and small desk Great light for Online video calls

  • Tri-coloured light (white, warm, and Natural light)


    Good value for money. I bought the light for my wife's sewing station. She loved it.


    Great desk lamp for my office


    Great lamp... Adjustable brightness, very easy and stable mounting and the ability to set the light source. Versatile use thanks to three different types of light. Solid workmanship and a very modern look.

About Color Temperature

Warm yellow light, colour temperature below 3300K, generally around 2700K: suitable for cosy places

Warm white light with a colour temperature of 3300K - 5300K: Study in the study room

Daylight, colour temperature above 5300K: suitable for offices

About Placement

The placement of the lamp has a great impact on vision.

When the eyes are 12in away from the book, you can read the handwriting and will not be overly fatigued.

The height of the desk lamp is 15.7-19.7in away from the written is more appropriate, so as to ensure sufficient reading lighting.

SKYLEO Product Parameters

Lamp Height
Lamp Length
Number of LED Beads
Control Method
Color Modes
Brightness Level
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